We offer “cotto” floor tiles in a wide variety of sizes and shapes in glazed or non-glazed versions, in piatto, rustico and antico styles. Our tiles are perfectly suited for laying them on terraces and in doors. They’re designed both for floors and walls, kitchens and bathrooms. Łukova’s floor tiles are recommended especially for the renovation of historic buildings: castles, museums and interiors of the rustic buildings.

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TThe hand-painted ceramic tiles may enrich building interiors with unique decorative elements, giving them a specific atmosphere. Ceramic hand-glazed tiles are decorated with motifs taken from old European styles. Because of the variety of styles, the glazed ceramic tiles may fit different interiors: kitchens, lounges, bathrooms.

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We offer beautifully hand-glazed ceramic tiles which may enrich building interiors with unique decorative elements. The method of hand production guaranties that each tile is unique and that is why no customer will ever receive two identical tiles. It is worth noticing that these tiles fit in a wide range of interiors, such as kitchens, bathrooms and lounges. The beauty of the tiles can be seen when they are used in a larger quantity. It does not change the fact that they may also create a perfect decoration when used singly.

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We manufacture bricks in a Gothic style. The bricks are available both in standardised sizes and customized, meeting individual clients’ needs. The bricks may be textured and formed by hand. We produce cornice bricks which are ideal for performing renovations of historic buildings, castles and churches.

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At the request of our customers we produce: molded bricks, bricks with decorative patterns, fittings for the purpose of restoration of historical objects.

We carry out various individual and unusual orders.

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We design and manufacture unique stove and fireplace tiles, decorated in various historical or rustic styles. Stove tiles can be both glazed as well as hand-painted in any style or color.

Our tiles are perfect for the reconstruction and renovation, as replicas of old stoves and fireplaces, accurately reflecting the original patterns and capturing the essence of historical objects.

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